PSP TRADING CORPORATION is an Ontario-based international trading company specializing in the import and export of locomotive parts between Canada and markets in the Middle East & China. Canada has great suppliers and is an important exporter in the railway products industry because of the dominant production technology. On the other hand, China is a large supplier of some products for its advantages in prices.


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Business and Product

PSP TRADING CORPORATION will export a wide variety of locomotive parts from Canada, including but not limited to ammeters, relays, switches, circuit breakers, resistors, pistons, valves, tubes, camshafts, collars, sleeves, gaskets, impellers, nozzles, gears, and gear sets, among others…

Key Partners

PSP TRADING CORPORATION aims to maintain positive relationships with suppliers and expand the list of potential business partners to stay competitive. The Company has already developed strong relationships with its suppliers, including Ningbo Youngor International Trade & Transportation Co., Ltd and Shanghai Tuanijiu Trading Co. Ltd.

Through collaboration with other industry operators, the Company will build its knowledge of the industry, changes in the market, and current and potential trends, which is crucial, as it will allow the Company to optimize its operations and gain additional customers.

Vision, Mission, Purpose…


the Company will focus on building personal, long-term relationships.


the Company will create trust by acting ethically, as well as communicate honestly, openly, responsibly, and often.


the Company will commit to customer satisfaction and exceeding their expectations.

"PSP TRADING CORPORATION’s vision is to evolve into one of the leading providers of locomotive parts by evolving and growing through technological innovations, expanding product offerings, value-added services, and consultative solutions to support its customers’ projects. The Company envisions being the supplier, employer, and investment of choice in the industry by providing premium products when customers need them while ensuring performance and customer service are unsurpassed."